Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge (2014)


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Get your 1st look at Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in ’s on  (x)

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Intense Staredown with Robert Downey Jr. (x)

kinda dissapointing to see that but I hope at least it reaches to 60s :/

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so when you open rdj’s facebook you can see this as the top post or whatever


idk if I should laugh or cry tbh

Robert Downey Jr. Baby Girl Gift (x)

And that, friends, is why you should love Ellen DeGeneres unconditionally (okay, yes, one of the reasons why, don’t go nitpicking). That is all we can say without making unintelligible noises of happiness. 

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Some questions answers from RDJ’s reddit AMA (x)

A story of fathers and sons. #TheJudge

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Who is in Ellen’s Bushes Today?

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Subscriber’s edition of Esquire UK, November 2014 issue.

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Who is in Ellen’s Bushes Today?